“Better Together.” It’s a slogan often used to promote a sense of belonging. We’re tribal creatures who tend to have more fun with like-minded people. It doesn’t matter if we’re dancing, playing sports or on group hiking retreats.

Two may be company, and three may be a crowd, but “the more, the merrier” has become an eternal truth embedded in our vernacular.

Litchfield Safari Camp is the ideal place for outdoor adventures. Read on to discover the types of Litchfield accommodation on offer and about the group hiking options available directly from your own front door.

A Great Destination for Group Hiking Retreats

We may like doing activities in groups, but when it comes to accommodation, we can sometimes be quite picky. Hikers tend to be free and independent spirits who prefer the self-catering experience. Even then, they may have strongly held preferences.

Litchfield Safari Camp offers a full range of accommodation types set in a shady, fully grassed environment. That means you can either stay together as a group or “mix and match” depending on individual tastes.

Cabins and Luxury Litchfield Glamping Tents

There are comfortable cabins that can sleep up to four, five or seven people. There are also glamping tents available that sleep couples in a luxurious setting. Whether you choose a cabin, glamping tent or both, you’ll have en-suite facilities, a fully-equipped kitchen area and a private on-deck barbecue space.

Cabins and glamping tents suit those who can’t live without their own bathroom or like to sleep under the freshly laundered sheets of a comfy bed. They’ll still get the outdoor experience because of the Litchfield accommodation location.

All those mindfulness must-haves, from birdsong to the sight of the stars and sounds of the rustling trees, are right there on the doorstep.

Litchfield Camping (With More Than a Few Extras!)

Litchfield Safari Camp offers powered sites. We also have unpowered sites for those who love simplicity and a total sense of independence. However, there are creature comforts close by because we have an amenities block with plenty of hot showers available to all guests.

Cooking and Eating Together

Our ever-popular, fully-equipped camp kitchen is there for everyone to enjoy. There are tables and chairs, ideal for small and large group hiking retreats. You’ll find toasters and kettles as well as barbecue facilities, a fridge and a constant supply of freshly filtered drinking water.

When you’re out hiking all day, hearty breakfasts, packed lunches and evening barbecues add to the whole bonding experience. You can make memories under the star-lit skies as you enjoy a meal together cooked over the open fire.

News Flash!

We’re delighted to let you know about our soon-to-be-opening swimming pool. It’s going to be the ideal place to relax weary muscles after a gruelling hike. Everyone needs time off, too, so a day spent by the pool may be just what you need to fit into any group hiking retreats.

You can try and time your stay to fit in with the opening of our pool by keeping a close eye on our social media pages and website. You’ll find the latest updates about the grand opening date there.

Planning Your Hiking Trails

There’s an expression you might hear even seasoned hikers use, and that is, “No hike is too short.” It’s quality that counts, and when you stay at Litchfield Safari Camp, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of beautiful hikes set against a backdrop of stunning scenery.

There are hikes for people of all skill and fitness levels on hand.

Beginner-Friendly Trails

These are ideal as a warm-up for group hiking retreats, and what a stellar line-up there is. Here’s a taster:

  • Florence Creek and Falls Loop via Shady Creek Walk

This is an easy loop-trail route of just over 1,5 km that’ll take around half an hour or so to complete. The hike follows a shady, paved path that crosses Florence Creek several times. You’ll pass the Florence Falls en route, so pack swimwear if you fancy a dip. You’ll have to climb more than 130 steps to get out of the gorge.

  • Buley Rockhole via Florence Creek Track

This hike is around 3,5 km and will take about an hour. It follows Florence Creek Track through the bush to Buley Rockhole, a delightful swimming area. You’ll then head back along the same trail.

Intermediate Level Trails

Once you’ve broken the group into their hiking retreat, it’s time to crank things up a level. Here’s where:

  • Tjaetaba Waterfall

This is a moderately challenging out-and-back route of over 3km. It should take around an hour to complete. There are some stairs to get to the top of the falls, and there are plenty of swimming holes to enjoy. The area downstream is a sacred site, so it’s not possible to swim there.

Advanced Trails

Trails of all levels offer plenty of flora and fauna spotting opportunities. There are lots of natural wonders and glorious views to enjoy. The further you walk, the more varied the experience. Here are some advanced trails to try out:

  • Tabletop Track

You’ll need 2-4 days to do the entire challenging 42 km loop trail. Three “link tracks” offer access to the trail, including the Florence Falls, so you could do part of it in a day.

  • Bythe Homestead to Tolmer Falls

This is a challenging 13km route with an elevation gain of over 300 metres. Much of the trail follows an overgrown track from Blythe Homestead to the bottom of the escarpment below Tolmer Falls.

Litchfield Safari Camp for the Best Group Hiking Retreats

There are two huge benefits of organising group hiking retreats at Litchfield Safari Camp. The first is the range and quality of the Litchfield accommodation on offer. The second is the easy access to an area of outstanding beauty where you can take in nature’s wonders.

Get booking your next break with us today and enjoy Litchfield camping with a difference.  You’ll be able to relax and create happy, lasting memories in a very special place.