Taken literally, glamping means “camping” with a bit of “glamour.” Glamping is a unique way to travel where the rugged nature of camping in the great outdoors merges with the elegance of high-end accommodations. In a world where our lives are often consumed by technology, glamping allows us to slow down, unplug and reconnect with nature and with each other.

Designed with luxury in mind, Litchfield Glamping puts the emphasis firmly on the glamour element. Combined with mindful contemplation of natural beauty, Litchfield Accommodation is a winning formula. Read on to learn more about what glamping is and why it is desirable to so many.

Putting Glamping in Perspective

While glamping varies from site to site, you can picture a large bell tent complete with lighting, lush bedding and creature comforts that take a camping holiday to the next level. Not only will you experience luxury accommodation, but you will also experience hassle-free camping. Gone are the days of fumbling with poles to pitch a tent. You will rest easily while also being immersed in the nature of camping. Picture yourself stargazing, eating outdoors and experiencing all of the benefits we’ve come to associate with camping but with an added touch of glam.

Glamping accommodation will typically:

  • Be weather-proof
  • Have its own electricity supply
  • Have the option of temperature control

With glamping, there is less fuss. There is less packing as most glamping tents come fully equipped with cooking and kitchen gear along with bedding and towels. Typically, you will benefit from sleeping in a proper bed and you’ll have more internal space to move about.

Glamping vs Cabin Accommodation

Both glamping and cabin accommodation offer the chance for a unique and luxurious experience. But which is better? The big dependencies are going to be your personal preferences and the type of experience you’re looking for.

There are good reasons why glamping could be a better choice for your well-deserved break. Here are a few of them:

  • You’ll get closer to nature and feel part of your surroundings
  • You’ll connect your senses more easily with the great outdoors
  • There’s no compromise on luxurious, modern comforts

Glamping sites tend to be smaller and more secluded than cabins. That gives them an air of exclusivity and extra privacy. They’re an ideal choice for a romantic break or for some quality peace and quiet time, away from the crowds.

A Special Experience

Glamping appeals to our desire for adventure and our longing to reconnect with nature and slow down. It’s unusual and different, acting as a catalyst for making more exciting memories.

It allows you to recharge without the mental load of packing, setting up and the pack down of your camping essentials. To be able to truly enjoy the immersive experience with nature.

Getting More Relaxed

The sounds of the trees, the birds and wildlife all become sharper when glamping. They act as a reminder of the outdoor activities on your doorstep. They allow you to feel even more relaxed as you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep comforted by nature’s warm embrace.

Additionally, glamping has built a reputation for going hand-in-hand with excellent eco-friendly credentials. Many sites that offer glamping incorporate sustainability into their designs. This is a big bonus for the environmentally conscious traveller.

Glamping the Litchfield Way

Before you even walk into a Litchfield Glamping tent, you know there’s something special coming. A spacious front deck is set in the heart of natural bushland.

This is a private space to tune into nature over a morning coffee or a long cool drink. And, there’s even a bespoke outdoor BBQ area where you can enhance the natural tastes of your culinary favourites.

But, prepare for the wow factor, because inside the fully air-conditioned tent, you’ll find a comfy king-size bed, fine linens and towels, and luxurious ensuite facilities.

Our designers have brought a taste of the outside indoors with stunning timber finishes throughout. You’ll be able to move seamlessly from your home-from-home into the great outdoors.

Independence with Creature Comforts

Litchfield has included more than just the essentials. There is a separate kitchen area complete with:

  • A modest fridge and freezer
  • Electric burner
  • Toaster, kettle and microwave

Think camping but with plenty of boutique-style finishes and amenities. You’re going to find everything you could need to give you that independent and “get away from it all” feeling.

There are pans, pots, a coffee plunger, crockery and cutlery. We’ve paid great attention to detail by providing our guests with homely extras such as sugar, cooking oil, salt & pepper and tea & coffee bags to get them started.

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve carefully positioned our Litchfield Glamping tents for maximum privacy and seclusion. Relaxation lies at the heart of Litchfield Accommodation. This is your very own personal space to savour and enjoy in a magnificent setting.

Study after study reveals the mental health benefits of getting closer to nature. A stay in the heart of Litchfield National Park is going to be mood-lifting and stress-busting.

Our friendly staff are also on hand to help you experience the best trails and explore the park’s many hidden gems. They’ll help you get the maximum from your stay so that you leave refreshed and exhilarated.

Cascading Waterfalls and Unspoilt Scenery

You’ll find Litchfield Safari Camp just outside the western entrance of Litchfield National Park. The Cascades Waterfalls, a wide rock lava flow about 200 metres in length, is not far from the camp and the breathtaking Wangi Falls are a mere 5 km away.

This is an area made for scenic hikes, relaxing in pristine plunge pools, and taking in the untouched wilderness. Here, relaxation seamlessly meets adventure. We boast accommodation that’s available throughout the year and closest to all the park’s star attractions.

Litchfield Accommodation, the Epitome of Natural Luxury

The world is feeling smaller with every corner of it getting discovered and more developed. We pride ourselves on being able to offer an oasis of peace and tranquillity. As well as glamping sites, Litchfield Cabins and Litchfield Camping are also available.

Find your inner spirit of adventure with a stay at Litchfield Safari Camp. Get in touch today. You too could soon get closer to nature in stunning surroundings for an unforgettable experience.