At the last count, there were around 800,000 recreational vehicles (RVs) registered in Australia. The vast majority were caravans.

For many of us, caravanning is a way of life. It offers the freedom to unwind and indulge your wanderlust without compromising on too many home comforts. If one location doesn’t cut it, you can simply move on in search of the holy grail of caravan parks.

There’s one particular Litchfield National Park Caravan Park that stands out from the crowd. Stay there, and you’ve struck gold. Read on to discover which one it is!

Highlights of Litchfield National Park

It’s one of the Northern Territory’s best-kept secrets, and it’s only a short drive from Darwin. Litchfield National Park is home to a myriad of natural wonders. This is a place for nature enthusiasts who enjoy drenching themselves under misty waterfalls,  discovering unusual termite mounds or doing a spot of waterhole hopping.

The Park covers around 1500 square kilometres and is especially significant to certain groups of Aboriginal people who have lived in the region for thousands of years. They believe their ancestral spirits are still present here, influencing the plants, landscape, and animals.

There are endless hiking trails to enjoy. The ‘Florence Creek Walk’ takes in Florence Falls with its glorious plunge pool, ideal for a refreshing swim. Wangi Falls also boasts a deep pool that allows you to splash around as the water drops from high above.

There’s rich woodland flora to marvel at, including wild lilies and orchids. The Park is a haven for wildlife such as northern brushtail possums, kangaroos, sugar gliders and bats. The plethora of famous Falls attracts fascinating birds and reptiles alike.

The Ideal Litchfield National Park Caravan Park

Litchfield Safari Camp is your gateway to the wonders of Litchfield National Park. It’s the leader of the pack when it comes to the best Litchfield National Park Caravan Park. Here, you can enjoy a special kind of Litchfield accommodation that’s a hidden gem for the keenest of caravanners.

Park up on one of the spacious, shady, powered sites and relax. The Camp’s location is near the western entrance to the Park, so your home on wheels can be your base for visiting all the Park’s natural attractions.

This eco-friendly Litchfield National Park Caravan Park stands out from the crowd due to the range of amenities and extras on offer. There’s a brand new swimming pool where you can relax at the end of an action-packed day.

We have a freshly renovated amenities block with hot showers and washing machines. You’ll also find designated campfire areas where you can share stories about your adventures with friends and family. A fully equipped camp kitchen with a fridge and filtered water is also available to caravanners.

The variety of scenic Litchfield accommodation means caravanners can hook up with others in their group who may prefer camping, glamping or a stay in a luxury cabin. Litchfield Safari Camp also offers Wi-Fi.

A Relaxing Retreat

A stay at Litchfield Safari Camp, the best Litchfield National Park Caravan Park, will promote health, well-being and relaxation. This is a place to become truly mindful because your focus will centre on the sounds, colours and natural beauty within touching distance.

Swimming and hiking both boost the endorphins, our natural, happy hormones. And there is no better place to take such rewarding exercise. Here are a few other of the relaxing experiences you can enjoy during a stay in your caravan:

  • A family outing that takes in one of the designated picnic areas
  • Walking trails for those of all levels
  • Discovering and diving into waterholes
  • A quick game of family footy back at base
  • A spa-like day lounging by the Safari Camp pool
  • An evening barbecue to reminisce on the day

For busy families, these kinds of special activities make memories to draw from when you’re back in the real world of working life.

Exploration Experiences

Aside from the trails around Florence and Wangi Falls, there are endless opportunities for bird watchers, nature lovers and photographers. Here’s a taster of some of the other must-see sites:

The Lost City

This is actually a selection of huge sandstone outcrops that give the impression of some sort of ancient civilisation. You’ll need a four-wheel vehicle to manoeuvre the 10 km track that leads to this spectacular attraction. Thousands of years of wind and rain erosion have formed this special landmark. The impressive maze of narrow alleys resembles the ruins of an ancient city.

The Magnetic Termite Mounds

These stand up to several metres high on a wide, flat plain. You’ll find a viewing area with accessible boardwalks and an information shelter. You’ll be able to get close to the four-metre-high Cathedral Termite mounds and the shorter, two-metre-high, thin Magnetic Termite mounds. The latter get their name because the wedge-shaped mounds align with the north and south main axis.

Tjaetaba Falls Plunge Pool

The Greenant Creek Walk is a relatively easy hike that offers the gift of a swim in the Tjaetaba Falls plunge pool. You’ll begin at the bridge that crosses the creek. There’s then a shaded walk of under 3 km that follows the creek upstream. You’ll then face a steep climb to Tjaetaba Falls Lookout.

The Tabletop Track

The complete, picturesque 39 km track is not for everyone, but researching it should provide a sense of orientation. It takes hikers along stunning creeks, savanna woodlands and scenic waterfalls. There are link walks to Wangi Falls, Florence Falls, Walker Creek and Greenant Creek. You need to be fit and well-prepared to complete the route over three to five days.

Book a Stay at Litchfield National Park Caravan Park

Most caravanners are very particular about how and what they pack. Water, washing detergent, appropriate clothes, quick-dry towels, walking shoes, food supplies, insect repellent and sunscreen tend to top the list.

The beauty of a caravan stay at Litchfield Safari Camp is that you have so much support and backup on-site.

It’s always a good time to visit the best Litchfield National Park Caravan Park. The dry season runs from May to October, and the wet from November to April. The dry season is more popular when swimming spots and most roads are open. So, to avoid disappointment, book a site for your caravan today at Litchfield Safari Camp.