Meet Litchfield Safari Camp, a caravan park that is redefining camping in Litchfield National Park. Our camp has so much to offer- from powered and unpowered campsites, glamping and cabins, to offering an authentic experience in nature complete with modern comforts.

As you wake up to the chirping birds and stroll down to the new swimming pool for a morning dip, Litchfield Safari Camp quickly becomes your new favourite haven.  Furthermore, our camp is soon to be complete with a pool to take your camping in Litchfield National Park experience to new heights. Read on as we proudly unveil why our new pool makes us stand out from the rest.

A Seamless Blend with Natural Surroundings

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the design of our brand-new rock pool is in keeping with its unique natural environment. We wanted to create a pool that looked as though it had always been there.

So, the pool’s colours, along with the paved areas around it, will not look out of place and will blend in as naturally as possible with their surroundings. We’ve invested heavily in landscaping for maximum environmental harmony.

Relaxing Vibes at the Majestic Litchfield Safari Camp

Litchfield Safari Camp has a majesty about it because of its rich heritage, taking pride in its place in an area of outstanding beauty. Any pool needs to be a match for such an idyllic and peaceful location with such impeccable credentials.

The camp attracts guests who share a passion for the great outdoors. We want them to continue enjoying their experience by providing them with a place to relax, unwind and have some fun.

We see our rock pool as a focal point, somewhere that will lift the mood and elevate the ambience of the entire camp.

Preserving the Rustic Charm

Camping in Litchfield National Park wouldn’t feel right with a pool with giant slides or an amusement park-style. We are a camp that embraces the serenity and charm of its prime location.

You might consider our rock pool as a modern amenity, but we want it to feel natural so that there is no compromise with an authentic camping experience.

We believe our pool more than meets the delicate balance between modern comfort and rugged charm making your camping in Litchfield National Park experience authentic.

Getting the Most from Camping In Litchfield National Park

Ask any keen hiker what they most look forward to at the end of a long trek, and after a cold beer, many might opt for a plunge in a cool, refreshing pool. It’s a way to soothe tired, aching muscles so that they’re ready for the next day’s big adventure.

No matter how physical a holiday you’re planning, you may still fancy a day off to read and relax. Our new rock pool offers a peaceful and cooling oasis when the weather’s hot and you feel like taking some time out for a well-deserved rest.

The new attraction is the ideal location to become mindful of your surroundings and enjoy the natural beauty, sounds and sights of nature. Soon, the daily grind of work or city life will feel like a distant memory as you discover what camping in Litchfield National Park is all about.

Avoid Disappointment and Plan Your Next Adventure Today!

Whether you plan to stay in one of our cabins or on a glamping or camping trip, we recommend you firm up your dates as quickly as possible.

Because of limited availability, all our accommodation types are constantly in high demand. When it comes to camping in Litchfield National Park, the early bird does catch the worm.

So, secure your place by booking today to avoid disappointment, and you, too, could soon be enjoying a unique campground with a pool in Litchfield National Park.